Advanced Features of a Coin Sorter and Counter

Advanced Features of a Coin Sorter and Counter

One of the major challenges with most businesses is dealing with cash. Counting can be a problem especially for businesses that received tons of cash. Worse still is the business that receives tons of coins every day. It is very difficult and tiresome count coins as opposed to counting bank notes. However, technology is making things works easier by introducing machines that make it possible to deal with coins. These are coin sorter and counter machines.

There are various types and models of coin sorter and counter that you select in the market. However, the main thing that makes these machines different are the features that they come with. Therefore, if you are planning to purchase a coin sorter and counter for your business, you need to look for features that meet your business needs. Here are some of the features that make a good coin sorter and counter:

Speed of Counting

One of the key features that makes a good coin sorter and counter is the speed of the machine. There are numerous ways types of machines that you can find in the market, but the speed should be one of the key factors. However, the choice of the buyer depends on the needs of their business. If you can have a machine that can count 200-300 coins in a minute, that will be cool.

Reports the Total Value Counted

The second feature that you need to consider is whether the machine is capable of giving the total value of the counted coins. If you have like four different coin denominations, it would be nice to purchase a machine that will sort, count and report the total value counted.

Batch Counting and Adding Functions

Another feature that buyers need look out for is the batch counting as well as adding functions in the machine. If you want to store your coins properly, then you need to consider the batch counting features. This will enable us to have a certain number of coins per batch which will make it easy to manage them after counting. The adding feature is also critical if you want the machine to do everything for you.

Hopper capacity

It is important to check the size of the hopper and how many coins it can hold at once. If you buy a coin sorter and counter with a small hopper, then you will need to load it frequently which could make it difficult. Therefore, the bigger the hopper, the better. However, the choice of the hopper should be determined by the needs of the business.

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